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Springtime in the Garden Fair

Springtime in the Rockies

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I just looked at the clock. 7:11PM MST. It is dark outside, but my brain perked up at the thought of how much light there will be at this same time in the coming months. Isn't that exciting?! Snow is receding in the front yard, and daffodil leaves are up about three inches!
Yard Chick is getting excited. She's partial to wearing shorts, and sitting on cushions, as she goes about prepping flower beds for their annual warm-weather performance. The sun has melted a few areas in the back yard, so she's anxious to start removing winter's special touches that transformed last year's hard work into unattractive wilted and snow-smashed future trash bag contents.
And winter has at last eased its icy grip on the pathetic looking scarecrow who once stood like a sentinel, protecting pumpkins, carrots, peppers, and assorted garden plants. She plucked the stake from the ground today. Poor guy. He was so appropriate in August, but when an early October freeze turned the soil into black concrete, he became inappropriate garden decor whose legs were blown off months ago, and who behaved more like a windsock with a head, sporting a goofy looking grin.
We're five days in to meteorological spring, so I've decided to get an early start on the season. My Easter decorations went up today! No lilacs, yet, so here is a preview of things to come. Yard Chick will protect my lilac bushes this year, should single digit temperatures threaten to destroy this year's blooms. She hopes she learned her lesson last spring.
So, here's to SPRING, 2021! May it be a billion times better than last year.