Springtime in the Rockies
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Springtime in the Garden Fair

It's that time of year in Colorado when bulbs are just now sending up signs of having survived several months of dormant life in the frozen earth. As temperatures rise, soil thaws, and shoots emerge, all those hidden treasures begin to reveal themselves.

And Spring Arose on the Garden FairDSC_0001_edited with copyright-1

These guys are still underground, and will be under a few feet of snow come the weekend. March in Colorado is full of surprises, weather-wise.

Plant-wise, as soon as all the snow melts, things will begin to pop. I already see signs of catkins on trees. The bane of my existence in spring, is pollen. Catkins are a close second. But, like pollen, they serve a purpose, so although I find myself often cursing them, they are heralding those canopies of shade that protect from a scorching sun.

Today is "join the crowds to stock up before three to five feet of snow make it impossible to get out of your neighborhood" day!

So, I'm off to finish buying (hopefully) what I couldn't find yesterday, then settle in to convince myself that digging through all that snow to create canyons for moving about, is inevitable, so I might as well not fight it.

In the end, it's all good. We need the moisture, and after last year's record-breaking fire season, smoky days, and extreme loss in my old stomping grounds (Grand County), this is welcome.

Hope your spring is on track for lots of blooms and brighter days. After all, Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday. I'll be digging out of huge piles of snow, but thinking of a week from now, when the promise of spring begins to pop in my garden.

Happy second week of March!