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I decided to set up a blog as a testament to my having lived on this great planet. Call them musings, essays, blurbs, or even drivel, but my writings and photos will outlive me once I click that publish button on my website's dashboard.

This is my writer's voice. It is the same voice I use when talking with friends, and I hope you'll consider me a friend. Otherwise, I'll assume you think of me as an inane busybody who believes the world cares about what she thinks. To that, I say, get in line.

In my former life I was a stay-at-home mom, pianist, and piano teacher. I still play, but only at home. My life experience ranges from the mundane, to having had a child inside Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, and lately, contracting COVID-19 in March of 2020. A few years ago, I became a grandmother, and found that it is far easier to be a grandparent, than a parent.

With few exceptions, most of life is average. Five days a week, we tend to go through pretty much the same motions. On weekends, we relax, go to church, maybe eat out, and sometimes have to work. In the midst of this busyness, there are people like me. Noticers. Observers. We write and photograph what we see, then share with the world that which we find profound, silly, sweet, abominable, and a million other descriptors.

Welcome to my little www page, and welcome to the workings of a quirky, funny, sad, serious, and maybe even delusional mind that has learned to adapt to life's circumstances. It's all normal, until it isn't; then we adapt and adjust to a new norm.

Let me know what you think, but keep it clean and play nice, or your comments will be zapped into that place where socks disappear, never to be seen again. I'd tell you where that is, but since I'm missing around 783 odd socks, it's obvious I've never found it.